10 tips to take with you to Curacao

You are going to Curacao, or you are planning to go to Curacao. Now of course the question is, what should you bring to Curacao?

We have already made a list of tips that you should definitely bring to Curacao!

Tip 1: a travel pillow for on the plane

Of course we start with a wonderful travel pillow for the plane:

Tip 2 and 3: Mosquito repellent for Curacao

First of all, there are a lot of mosquitoes in Curacao. So it is wise to bring something for this:

Tip: If you are on the beach, make sure you go to the car before sunset. After sunset, the mosquitoes come to the beach in Curacao.

Tip 4: A Travel Plug / Travel Adapter for Curacao

In addition, as we in this article about electricity in Curacao have already explained, Curacao has other plugs that we have in the Netherlands. So you need an inverter for this:

We have already selected the best travel plug for Curacao for you.

Tip 5: A Snorkel Mask for in Curacao

What is the best snorkel mask for Curacao?

In Curacao they mainly sell a kind of snorkel mask, which is also the very best:

You don't have to have a pipe in your mouth here, but you can just breathe through the mask. This mask also has an option to connect the GoPro to it.

Tip 6: A GoPro for your vacation in Curacao

Curacao is very beautiful with snorkeling, so taking a GoPro is certainly not an unnecessary luxury !:

Tip 7: A bob for your Gopro in Curacao

Includes a Float for the Gopro:

Tip 8: A waterproof phone case for your vacation in Curacao

Would you rather not buy a GoPro? Then take one waterproof phone case to Curacao to take pictures underwater while snorkeling.

Tip 9: Sunburn cream for your vacation in Curacao

Especially don't forget to bring to Curacao: Sunscreen

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