24 Tips for Car Hire in Curacao

In this article you will find 24 tips for car rental in Curacao.
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Rules for car rental in Curacao

  1. Not all car rental companies do FULL = FULL when renting. This means that they can return the car with an empty tank, and that you must return it exactly the same.
  2. Because of the driving style in Curacao it is always better to take out a Full Insurance. This is often cheaper than if there is damage to the car.
  3. For your own safety, always take photos when you pick up the car, if damage was already there, you can at least prove this.

Traffic rules in Curacao

  1. In Curacao a maximum speed of:
    Within built-up areas: 40 km / h
    Outside built-up areas: 60 km / h
  2. Motorists in Curacao rarely have the brake light working. So keep sufficient distance!
  3. If a car in Curacao has the flashing light on, this does not mean that it actually turns off here.
Priority rules in Curacao
  1. In principle, traffic from the right has priority, but be careful when taking priority. It is possible that the other driver does not follow these rules
  2. At a T-junction, the traffic on the dead end must give way to other traffic.
  3. On roads where there are at least 2 lanes, you can overtake in Curacao from the left and from the right.
  4. Traffic in Curacao likes to ignore stop signs. So always look carefully when you drive on a road, even if you have a green light.
  5. In Curacao the roads can be poorly maintained, so keep in mind that there may just be a hole in the road.
  6. Traffic signs are generally the same as in the Netherlands.
  7. In Curacao, different traffic rules apply at every roundabout. Sometimes traffic from the right takes precedence, and sometimes traffic on the roundabout. Sometimes it is half-half on the same roundabout. It is best to just leave the person who is leaving himself behind.

Other rules in traffic and animals in Curacao

  1. Many drivers do not have a light on in Curacao, so be careful with this if you drive at night.
  2. Don't just stop along the road to take pictures, find a safe parking space for this, and turn on your emergency lights.
  3. It is possible that a car has stopped in the middle of the road. Don't worry, he's probably just talking to a friend.
  4. It is also possible that the road is blocked because 2 cars are talking to each other. It is best to wait until their conversation is over.
  5. It is possible that a car suddenly stops in Curacao, often without brake lights because they do not work. Usually they have seen a friend and want to greet them.
  6. If someone in Curacao puts their hand out the window, it can have several meanings. He wants to park, he wants to reverse, he wants to turn left or right, he wants to greet someone or nothing at all.
  7. On wet surfaces, moderate the speed. The roads in Curacao are not good and it can be very slippery.
  8. When the car breaks down, many people leave it on the side of the road with the hood open and the hazard lights on.
  9. Don't try to avoid lizards. Usually, these bugs have calculated it so that they don't stay under the tires of the car. If you are going to swerve these, it may be that they end up under your tires.
  10. This is a different story for goats. Stop for this, because they can just run anywhere on the street to cross. They often don't know where they want to go.
  11. Sometimes a group of street dogs will come around your car and bark. Do not get out, just continue driving. They slide automatically. It also works to open the window and shout at them, they will then automatically go away.

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