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You can rent your car in Jan Thiel or pick up your car directly as car rental at Curacao Hato Airport. We also offer Car rental Westpunt Curacao On.

Roads in Curacao

When choosing a car for your vacation in Curacao, you have to take into account that the roads in Curacao are not as good as in the Netherlands. There are some damages in the road here and there, and there may be steep mountains.

It is therefore always advised to rent a slightly larger car, also because of the driving style which is on Curacao.

For tips and rules for car rental in Curacao, read this article.

Rent a car in Curacao with a Prepaid Credit Card

If you want to rent a car with a Prepaid Credit Card, you are advised to open a bank account with BUNQ. They have a travel card which is Credit, however, there is a limit on the amount you have in your bank account at BUNQ.

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