Corona Free Vacation in Curacao

From June 26, 2020, Corendon will start offering 'Corona-free Holidays'.

What does this mean?

With a Corona-free holiday, you agree not to leave the resort. Within the resort, everyone has been tested negative for the Corona virus, including employees, flight attendants, pilots, etc.

  • Just before your flight, you will be tested for the Corona virus at a test location next to Schiphol
  • Don't have a Coronavirus? Then you can come on board.
  • Stewardesses, Pilots, Resort staff and everyone you come into contact with have also been tested for the Corona virus

Because everyone has been tested for the Coronavirus, there is no need to wear face masks on the plane and no 1.5 meters need be kept.

The resort

The rule that you must agree to is that you are not allowed to leave the resort. There is security available to ensure that no one enters or leaves the resort. This is to avoid the risk of coming into contact with someone who has not been tested.

At the resort, all employees have also been tested for the Corona virus, this is done daily before they start their shift.

Corendon ensures that the resort staff sleep on the resort as much as possible, to avoid the risk of contamination.

Is this allowed by RIVM?

Corendon has not yet discussed this with RIVM, but this is permitted under the rules. The cabinet still strongly advises against traveling abroad.

Corendon approached RIVM several times, but RIVM unfortunately did not respond to Corendon.

Is this Corona test / rapid test reliable?

These tests are developing very quickly. Corendon has already been offered several tests that are also well recognized by scientists.

RIVM has not yet selected one, but this will probably change in the coming weeks.

When does Corendon start with the Corona-free holidays to Curacao?

Corendon has not yet announced this.

Corendon works together with KLM for the destination of Curacao, so they still have to discuss this with KLM.

How do I book the Corona-free holiday of Corendon?

It is not yet possible to book the Corona-free holiday of Corendon. Corendon is still developing this, but this will soon be possible.

You can easily book the Corona-free holidays with a click on the following banner:

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