Playa Gipy

Playa Gipy Curacao

Playa Gipy / Playa Guepi is located completely in the west point of Curacao.

Playa Guepi is not directly accessible by foot as there is no path leading to it. You have to climb down through the rocks to get to the beach itself.
The coastline of Playa Guepi is very beautiful.

  • There are no facilities at Playa Gipy
  • It is difficult to get to, you have to climb down through the rocks
  • The beach itself is small with many rocks. So you do not lie down quickly yourself.
  • If there is no one, it is a lovely private beach.
  • There is no entrance at this beach, it is free

However, you can dive and snorkel at Playa Gipy if you bring your own equipment. You find here in the sea for example Loggerhead turtle and here you see coral formations from a depth of 12 meters. You will also find a lot of coral and large fish species such as nurse sharks and sea bass here in the sea.

To dive: Playa Gipy is a dive site with the necessary dangers. Always dive here with a local guide and only at calm sea. Strong currents that can increase in strength or change direction during your dive. Good compass navigation and good physical condition required.

You can combine this beach with Watamula Hole, Playa Kilki & Playa Forti and Tomasito Cave

Where is Playa Gipy / Playa Guepi

Playa Gipy / Playa Guepi is located in the west (wasp point) of Curacao. It is right next to Watamula Hole.

There is no direct parking space at Playa Gipy but you can park at Watamula Hole. From here you can walk to Playa Gipy in about 5 minutes.

Hotels near Playa Gipy / Playa Guepi

Kura Hulanda Lodge & Beach Club - All Inclusive

Kura Hulanda Lodge & Beach Club - All Inclusive is a great all inclusive resort located just 5 minutes drive from Playa Gipy / Playa Guepi.

This hotel is a great location for the west point in Curacao. It is close to Playa Kali and Playa Forti which combine well with Playa Gipy / Playa Guepi

Nos Krusero apartments

Nos Krusero Apartments is close to Playa Kalki and is a good solution if you want a slightly cheaper location in the Westpunt of Curacao.

It is about a 5 minute drive from Playa Gipy.

Villa Westpunt Curacao

Villa Westpunt Curacao is a nice location as a Bed & Breakfast in the west point of Curacao. It is located on a rock giving you a nice view of the sea.

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