Big Knip

Vakantie Curacao

The beach

Big Cut (Kenepa Grandi / Playa Abou) is the beach of Curacao what you really want to see. Sky blue water, white sand, the most famous beach of Curacao. The water is transparent so you can see exactly what is going on under the water. A great beach for snorkeling.

Location of Grote Knip

The Grote Knip is located on the west side of Curacao and is about a 40 minute - one hour drive from Willemstad.

The beach is close to the Kleine Knip, Playa Jeremi and Playa Lagun. It is a tip to combine these beaches in one day.

Prices at Grote Knip

Parking your car is free
The beach is free entrance

Renting beach beds costs 5 - 6 guilders
Renting a parasol costs 7.50 guilders
The toilet costs 1 guilder

Facilities at the Grote Knip

The Grote Knip in Curacao has few facilities.

There is a small restaurant / snack bar (Kiosk Playa Kenepa)
There is a toilet. (Naf 1)

It is a tip to bring your own BBQ to the Grote Knip with a cool box. Especially on weekends you will see a lot of people barbecuing there.

Snorkeling at the Grote Knip

You can snorkel at the Grote Knip. Through the clear, sky-blue water you can see everything that goes on underwater. Further in the water there is also a reef where you can snorkel.

On the beach there are no direct snorkel / dive facilities available (dive shop, snorkel tours) but these can be booked online via Viator

What is possible, among other things Playa de Lagun (7 minutes drive) rent the snorkel and / or diving equipment and bring it to the Grote Knip. See here the prices and options for renting snorkel and / or diving equipment.

At the Grote Knip you can also dive off the rocks, directly into the water.

Hotels near Grote Knip

There are no hotels directly at the Grote Knip. However, the following hotels are nearby:

Villa Bon Bientu Apartments

Villa Bon Bientu Apartments is located between Grote Knip and Playa Jeremi. It is about 5 minutes by car from the Grote Knip and 1 hour by foot.

They are great apartments with all the amenities. It is located on a rock, where you have a great view of the sea.

Bahia Apartments & Diving

Bahia Apartments & Diving is located at Playa Lagun and is about 7 minutes drive from the Grote Knip.

Bahia Apartments & Diving have all the necessary facilities and also offer diving courses, snorkeling tours and the possibility to rent diving & snorkeling equipment.

Lagoon Ocean Resort

Lagoon Ocean Resort is located at Playa Lagun and is about 7 minutes drive from the Grote Knip.

Lagoon Ocean Resort is the place to be if you want more hotel facilities and luxury.

Lagun Blou Dive & Beach resort

Lagun Blou Dive & Beach resort is located at Playa de Lagun and is about 7 minutes drive from the Grote Knip.

Lagun Blou Dive & Beach resort is a more luxurious resort with all facilities included. You can do diving courses here or rent dive & snorkel equipment.

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