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To decide which hotel is best for you, it is best to look at the location of the hotel.

Have you rented a car? Then the location of the hotel does not really matter in principle. Driving from east to west in Curacao is just over an hour.

Did you not rent a car? Then definitely grab a hotel or apartment near a beach. It can be very hot in Curacao, and the roads are often with mountains. So grab something with a maximum of 15 minutes walk from the beach.

All inclusive? With an all-inclusive hotel, you should mainly look at the quality and location. Are you okay to stay at the hotel for the entire period? Then the location does not matter.
Would you rather see a lot of curacao? It is best to rent a car or grab an all inclusive hotel close to the beach.

Book an apartment in Curacao

Of course there are also a lot of apartments for rent in Curacao. Apartments are certainly a good option if you are going with friends, or want to sit in a room with your family

Most apartments in Curacao have a swimming pool and air conditioning. Always check whether your apartment has air conditioning, because this is definitely necessary! Hotels & Apartments

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