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Kleine Knip Curacao

The beach 'Kleine Knip' is very popular with the people of Curacao and is also called Playa Kenepa Chiki mentioned.

De Kleine Knip is a beautiful beach, but there are hardly any facilities.

  • There are umbrellas and a number of picnic benches
  • There is a small restaurant, but it is hardly ever open
  • Sometimes there is someone who rents out beach beds

The entrance for the Kleine Knip is free.
Parking at the Kleine Knip is free.

De Kleine Knip is located on the west of Curacao and is about 1 hour's drive from Willemstad.

The water at the Kleine Knip is very clear and a great place to snorkel. There is a lot of coral at the beginning of the beach, so it is recommended to bring water shoes.

Because the beach is fairly small, it can quickly become very busy. Especially on weekends.

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