Currency and Exchange Rate

In Curacao, use is made of the Dutch Antillean Guilder.

  • 1 NAG is approximately EUR 0.50.

See the current exchange rate here:

Pay with MAESTRO in Curacao

In Curacao it is best to pay with MAESTRO (the Dutch bank card.) If you pay with MAESTRO, you pay directly in guilders.

Pay with MASTERCARD in Curacao

If you pay with Mastercard in Curacao (also accepted everywhere) they will give you the price in USD (United States Dollars). You cannot pay me Guldens with Mastercard.

When paying with Mastercard, they first accumulate the amount from Guldens to USD, and from USD the bank calculates it to EUR. This calculation may incur some additional costs (Varying exchange rate and a USD payment at the bank)

Pay with APPLE PAY in Curacao

In Curacao it is almost impossible to pay with apple pay. Many ATMs require you to enter the card before they can enter the amount. So keep this in mind.

Best bank for travel

It is best to close an account with BUNQ bank. Here you can order a Mastercard Travelcard which is (Credit / debit). The credit on the card is the amount you have in your account. You can also use this card to rent a car.

Request your BUNQ account quickly via the following link:

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