Playa Forti

Playa Forti Curacao

Would you like a beach where you can jump into the water from the rocks? Then Playa Forti is definitely for you.

Playa Forti is known for being able to jump from the rocks into the sky blue water.

Prices at the Playa Porti

The entrance to the beach is free
The parking at Playa Forti is free

Facilities at Playa Forti

There are not many facilities at Playa Forti

  • There is a lovely restaurant: Blue View Curacao (
  • There is a lovely restaurant: Playa Forti restaurant

Both restaurants are within walking distance from the beach.

The beach at Playa Forti

The sand on the beach at Playa Forti is slightly coarser and darker. When you go into the sea there are many stones in the beginning.

Once you are in the sea it is a great location for snorkeling. You will find here. corals and sponges, including tube sponges and elephant ear sponges.
Please note, as many people jump off the rock, that you do not snorkel under here.

There is not much shade at Playa Forti, so it is advisable to bring your own parasol. There are, however, a number of picnic benches on the beach.

Location of Playa Forti

Playa forti is located in the west point of Curacao and about an hour's drive from Willemstad. It is slightly higher than the Grote Knip and below Playa Kalki

Hotels near Playa Forti

Marazul Dive Resort

Marazul Dive Resort is approximately 1 minute drive or 4 minute walk from Playa Porti. The resort has many facilities including its own diving school.

Punta West Bed & Breakfast

Punta West Bed & Breakfast is a 2-minute drive or 7-minute walk from Playa Forti.

It is a beautiful Bed & Breakfast which is definitely worth booking

Westhill Bungalows

Would you like to rent your own bungalow in the west point of Curacao? Then Westhill Bungalows is definitely for you.

From Westhill Bungalows it is a 2 minute drive or 7 minute walk from Playa Forti, and you can combine it with all the other beaches and sights in the West Point.

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