Playa Jeremi

Playa Jeremi Curacao

Playa Jeremi is, like all other beaches on Curacao, a very beautiful beach. Sky blue water, great white sand on the beach.
Playa Jeremi is surrounded by rocks and boulders, and nature of trees and cacti.

You can park your car at the top of the beach in the parking lot

Facilities at Playa Jeremi

There are almost no facilities at Playa Jeremi.

  • You can rent a beach bed for Naf 7.50
  • You can rent a parasol for Naf 10.00
  • There is no restaurant, so bring your own food and drinks.
  • Entrance from the beach is free

Diving and Snorkeling at Playa Jeremi

At Playa Jeremi you can of course enjoy diving and snorkeling. You will find coral everywhere near the rock walls. At the edges of the bay you will find the corals between 9 and 12 meters and in the middle from 12 to 15 meters.
On the north side, a large rock sticks out of the water that is beautifully overgrown with orange cup corals.

You will also encounter flying goons at a depth of 5 meters

You will also find beautiful small and different types of fish in the water here

Location of Playa Jeremi

Playa Jeremi is located in the west of Curacao between the Kleine Knip and Playa Lagun. It is approximately 1 hour's drive from Willemstad.

Hotels near Playa Jeremi

There are no hotels directly at Playa Jeremi, but there are hotels close by.

Villa Bon Bientu Appartements

Villa Bon Bientu Appartements is approximately 4 minutes drive or 11 minutes walk from Playa Jeremi. It is a very beautiful villa that stands on top of a rock with a beautiful view over the sea. Well worth booking!

Bahia Apartments & Diving

Bahia Appartements & Diving is located at Playa Lagun and is about 3 minutes drive or 17 minutes walk from Playa Jeremi

Bahia Apartments & Diving have all the necessary facilities and also offer diving courses, snorkeling tours and the possibility to rent diving & snorkeling equipment.

Lagoon Ocean Resort

Lagoon Ocean Resort is located at Playa Lagun and is about 3 minutes drive or 17 minutes walk from Playa Jeremi

Lagoon Ocean Resort is the place to be if you want more hotel facilities and luxury.

Lagun Blou Dive & Beach resort

Lagun Blou Dive & Beach resort is located at Playa de Lagun and is about 3 minutes drive or 17 minutes walk from the Playa Jeremi

Lagun Blou Dive & Beach resort is a more luxurious resort with all facilities. You can do diving courses here or rent diving & snorkeling equipment

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