Playa Kalki

Playa Kalki Curacao

Playa Kalki is located in the west point of Curacao and is about a 45 minute drive from Willemstad.

It is a very beautiful beach, which you should definitely see. The water is almost the bluest in Curacao and the sand the most white.

Facilities at Playa Kalki

  • There is a bar with food and drinks.
  • There are toilets at the bar
  • There is a diving school (Go West Diving) where you can take diving lessons but also rent and buy equipment.
  • Kura Hulanda Lodge & Beach resort is within walking distance of the beach where you can enjoy lunch or dinner.

Prices at Playa Kalki

  • Entrance to Playa Kalki is free
  • Parking is free, provided you do not park at the hotel.
  • Renting a beach bed costs 10 Naf

The beach

Playa Kalki has white beaches and sky blue water. It is a great beach that you should definitely see. It is called Playa Kalki because of the limestone cliffs that surround the beach.

Diving and Snorkeling at Playa Kalki

At Playa Kalki you can dive and snorkel very well, as with most beaches on Curacao.

'Go West Diving Curacao' is located at Playa Kalki. For all information about tours, lessons or equipment rental, please visit the following website:

Hotels near Playa Kalki

Kura Hulanda Resort & Beach club - All Inclusive

Kura Hulanda Lodge & Beach Club - All Inclusive is a great all inclusive resort that is only 1 minute walk from Playa Kalki

This hotel is a great location for the west point in Curacao. It is close to Playa Kali and Playa Forti which combine well with Playa Gipy / Playa Guepi

Finisterre Curacao

Finisterre Curacao is great if you are looking for a slightly cheaper apartment. It is a 1 minute drive or 2 minute walk from Playa Kalki

Malika Apartments

Malika Appartements is also a good solution if you want a slightly cheaper apartment. It is a 1 minute drive or 7 minute walk from Playa Kalki

Tours and Excursions at Playa Kalki

There is a lot to do at Playa Kalki.

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