Playa Kanoa

Playa Kanoa Curacao

Playa Kanoa is one of the few known beaches that is located in the Northern part of Curacao.

Playa Kanoa in Curacao is a real surfers beach. With the high and fierce waves it makes surfing possible.

  • Surfing is possible at Playa Kanoa due to the high and rough waves
  • Diving is possible at Playa Kanoa but only with some diving experience and weather permitting. Use of a compass or dive buddy advised.

The diving beach is a gently sloping plateau with reef (15-30 meters) that is quite far from the beach and is full of coral and sponges. It does make you feel like you are in an aquarium.
At a depth of 30 meters there is a strip of sand parallel to the beach where you often encounter rays.

Watch out when you leave the bay, because fishing boats come in and out here more often. Also watch out for wave surfers when you are diving.

Would you like to book a surf tour or rent surf equipment? Then check out this website:
There is also a surf school at Playa Konoa ( (5181145 / 5283045)

Where is Playa Kanoa?

Hotels near Playa Kanoa

Eve's Residence

Eve's Residence in Curacao is about a 10 minute drive from Playa Kanoa. It is a fairly simple hotel / guesthouse, but fine to spend the night.

KDF Apartments

KDF Appartements are approximately 11 minutes drive from Playa Kanoa. It is great to book if you are with several people, or if you want a nice apartment.

Quints Travelers inn

Quints Travelers inn is 12 minutes' drive from Playa Kanoa. It's a great hotel if you want a little more facilities.

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