Playa Largu

Playa Largu Curacao

Playa Largu is one of the deserted beaches at country house San Juan. It is more towards the area of Cas Abou.

Because it is a deserted beach, it is definitely worth a visit. So you have a good chance that you have this beach to yourself as a private beach

Playa Largu beach itself consists of a mix of dead coral and sand. The beach is therefore slightly harder to lie down, but still comfortable. It is best if you bring a slightly thicker towel.

Snorkeling and diving at Playa Largu

The drop off is beautifully overgrown with all kinds of different coral species, including brain coral, finger coral and moose coral. Playa Largu is also excellent for snorkeling.

Enter the water in the bay of Playa Largu. You will end up on a shallow sandy plateau with beautiful coral formations here and there. The reef starts at a depth of 7 meters and descends to a sandy bottom at 35 meters. Here you will sometimes find sand eels and stingrays.

Facilities at Playa Largu

Because Playa Largu is a deserted beach, there are no facilities here at all

  • The entrance to the beach is 8 guilders. You pay this at the country house when you drive to the beach
  • There are no beach beds or umbrellas for hire
  • There is no restaurant

You can park your car directly on the beach, that is free

How do you get to Playa Largu?

Playa Largu is located in the west of Curacao and is about 40 minutes drive from Willemstad.

Playa Largu beach, which is located at Playa san Juan, is located near the Bandabou nature reserve. You stick to soto and then you automatically come to Bandabou. You drive into the dirt road to the country house.

Once at the mansion you pay 8 guilders entrance, and you can drive further to 4 different beaches located there.

Beware, the road is not too good there. It is best to drive a slightly higher car, but a small car is also possible.

It is therefore best to enter 'Landhuis San Juan' on the navigation, because from here you drive to Playa San Juan and Playa Largu

Hotels near Playa Largu

Because Playa Largu is a deserted beach, there are no hotels directly available. It is, however, located near the 'Cas Abou' area where many apartments are for rent.

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