Playa PortoMari


The beach

Playa Portomari is in my opinion one of the finest beaches in Curacao.

The beach of Playa Portomari in Curacao is not very big, but the place-to-be if you want to snorkel in Curacao.
The beach has a lot of beautiful and different fish in the water, and a lot of coral.

If you come to swim at Playa Portomari, it is advised to bring swimming shoes, because the coral can be very sharp.

Entrance to Playa Portomari

The entrance fee to the beach is NAF 5.00 which is about 2.50 euros.

Eating and drinking at Playa Portomari

Playa Portomari has a very nice and very nice restaurant and bar. They cook here daily on a Green Egg barbecue where you can order dishes like Grilled sandwiches, Chicken and much more. Definitely recommended when you are there!


At Playa Portomari there is a clothing store open where you can mainly get beachwear. Think of bikinis, swimming trunks, beach dresses and beach towels.

At Playa Portomarie there is also a dive shop where you can rent diving equipment, buy and take diving lessons. They have snorkeling masks, inflatable toys for the sea, cameras to use for the sea and much more.

How do you get there?

Playa Portomari is a short drive if you are staying in Jan Thiel or Willemstad, but it is well worth seeing. We even drove there several times.

Find Playa Portomari on your navigation. It is a bit through a country road, but if you keep driving you will see the beach automatically.

Pigs on the beach

Many people know Playa Portomari from the pigs that swim in the sea and lie on the beach. And yes, it is true! We have also seen these pigs.

The pigs mainly come after swimming time to swim and lie on the beach, but sometimes these pigs also come earlier in the day. The pigs are tame, you can pet them and they even swim.

Opening hours of Playa Portomari

Playa Portomari is open every day from 9:30 AM and 6:30 PM

Parking at Playa Portomari is free

Snorkeling in Playa Portomari

Playa Portomari is an excellent location for snorkeling or diving. With the amazing coral in the water, many different types of fish and plenty of space for snorkeling and diving, this makes the perfect beach.

Activities at Playa Portomari

Snorkeling trips at Playa Portomari

  • Snorkeling: As explained above, you can snorkel beautifully at Playa Portomari. You can do this yourself or with the following 2 tours:

  • Snorkeling: Blue Lagoon:
    PortoMari sports offers a great snorkeling tour. You take this with a small boat trip to the beach Lagun. Here is a beautiful turquoise sea, white beaches and great rock formations to snorkel along. Because this beach in a bay is light and the coral has grown thick, it is very rich in different types of fish here. This is of course a place where an eagle ray or a turtle likes to show itself.
    Afterwards you go to a real high-light place called Boca Piscado which literally means: Fisherman's Bay where the turtles are teeming. Around noon the turtles come to the shallows to be fed there. You swim here and the turtles will swim under you or even come to you.
    Afterwards you will visit the Shete Boca Natural Park which literally means the 7 bays. Here the raging sea hits the rocks that shoot up meters into the sky.
    Price: $60.00 pp including equipment
    Lunch not included
    Minimum 4 persons
    Duration: 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM

  • Snorkeling trip: Thugboat and Directors bay:
    This snorkeling trip goes to the east of the island (Banda Riba). The first snorkeling route goes to the thugboat where a shipwreck lies on the 5 meter deep bottom. This shipwreck has been there for 20 years, so it has grown nicely with coral and sponges. It is like an aquarium and you will find fish such as: Yellowtale snappers, Butterfly fish and parrot fish, in short a good start of the day.
    The second snorkeling route is on the beach of the Directors Bay, this beach was the former private beach of the director of Shell, and after that it belonged to the royal family of the Netherlands. There is a great underwater life and the environment is very beautiful. It is also the place where the coral is put back by The Coral Restauration on the island, so you will find very young coral.
    Price: $60.00 per person including equipment
    Minimum 4 persons
    Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
    Lunch not included.

Diving at Playa Portomari

  • To dive: Just like snorkeling, you can also dive beautifully at Playa Portomari. You can rent all materials here or bring your own. You can also do one of the following tours:

  • Diving: Pariadise and Turtles:
    Join us on our dive trip to paradise. Where you can find white beaches, turquoise sea and a fantastic reef. And as icing on the cake: turtles! We start our trip on the beach of Cas Abou. Once there it is literally a paradise of snow-white beach and a beautiful stretched out reef. We will start our first dive there. Cas Abou is the first beach after PortoMari with a very large reef. It is a good reef for the beginner diver as well as the advanced diver, where an eagle ray or sea horse is not uncommon. After the first dive there is time for a nice lunch.
  • Our second dive is at Playa Piscado (a small fishing harbor) where it is literally teeming with turtles. Around noon the turtles come to the shallows to be fed there. We will then first view the turtles and then swim to the reef, where you can enjoy large mushroom-shaped coral. This dive is considered one of the most beautiful dives on the island.
    $ 135 pp incl. Equipment
    minimum: 2 persons
    Lunch not included
    Duration 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

  • Diving: Diving on small Curacao:
    A trip to an uninhabited bounty island and also diving! That is all possible on small Curacao. Join us on the modern boat, the Mermaid. The boat leaves at 7 am from the harbor on the Spanish water. After about an hour and a half of sailing you arrive at this sun-drenched paradise where you can find the whitest beaches and the clearest turquoise sea in all of the Caribbean.
    When you arrive at Klein Curacao, there is first time for a nice breakfast at the fully facilitated beach house. After that our first dive will start on the right side of the island. We will then be taken to the first dive site with a dinghy. What is so special about diving on small Curacao is not only the incredibly clear water, but especially the vertical wall that you dive along that goes down to 40 meters / 130 feet.
    The dive is a drift dive so we will be picked up by the boat again. After the first dive, there is time to relax on the beach or explore the island.
    There is an old lighthouse and several shipwrecks that have washed ashore that you can visit.
    The BBQ buffet starts around noon.
  • At 15:00 we will start our second dive on the left side of the island. On this side of the island you will find a beautiful hilly reef where you will almost certainly encounter turtles. At 16:00 the boat will leave for Curacao again where you will arrive back in the harbor at 17:30 with a fantastic experience richer.
    Dive trip incl. Equipment $ 250
    Dive trip excl. Equipment $ 230
    This trip is done with a minimum of 2 people
    Included: Lunch.
    Duration 7:00 to 17:30
  • Diving: Snake Bay and Vaersen Bay:
    In the village called Boca Sami you will find the hidden bay of Serpent Bay. Snake Bay does not carry the name because there are so many snakes, but because they used to know that the snakes they found were actually small nematodes. We will depart from the Diving School PortoMari Sports. The first dive will start at the romantic Bay of Slangenbaai. You can easily walk into the water at this tiny bay. The reef is close to the coast which is easy to access. Once underwater you will find a very beautiful stretched reef, where you will not lack a diverse underwater life.
  • The second dive is on the fully facilitated Vaersenbaai beach. Here is time for a nice lunch at the restaurant. After lunch we will continue with the second dive. What makes Vaersenbaai so special is the schools of fish that swim around here. Which in turn attracts barracudas and different types of bars. Because Vaersenbaai is located in a bay, you have nice calm water and almost no current. You can easily walk into the water and the reef is close to the coast. The combination of these two dives will make your day a top day.
    $ 135 pp incl. Equipment
    Lunch not included
    minimum: 2 persons
    Duration 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

  • Diving: Tugboat & Directors bay:
    Join our dive trip to the eastern part of the island (Banda Riba). Our first dive will start on the famous dive site tugboat and as the name already betrays, there is a shipwreck on the bottom. The wreck is approximately 5 meters / 15 feet, so it is also ideal for snorkeling. The wreck has been there for 20 years so it is beautifully covered with all kinds of coral and sponges. A little further and deeper is a beautiful vertical wall where you can dive along. Because this dive spot is located in a bay, you will not be bothered by waves or currents, in short, all ingredients for a perfect dive.
  • Our second dive we will make on Directors Bay beach. This is the former private beach of the director of Shell and later of the royal family of the Netherlands. What makes this dive site so special is not only the diverse underwater life or the beautiful surroundings, but especially the vertical wall where you dive along with all kinds of grooves and holes where underwater life likes to nest. This hotspot is considered one of the most beautiful dive sites on the eastern side of the island (Banda Riba).
    Prices: $ 135 pp incl. Equipment
    minimum: 2 persons
    Lunch not included
    Duration 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

  • Diving: Fishing Village and Car Pile:
    Behind the water purification company on Curacao is a small fishing village consisting of small wooden houses transformed into picturesque restaurants where you can eat delicious fish. What you can also find here is an unprecedented beautiful reef where you have large pillar corals and a lot of soft coral and the largest barrel sponges that Curacao has to offer. A place where Barracudas and Tarpons like to be. The diversity of this dive spot and the idyllic environment make it a perfect start to the dive trip.
  • Our second dive will be at Car pile. Car pile owes its name to the huge junkyard on the bottom. This was once laid out as an artificial reef. This beautiful "mess" offers us the ideal dive site, which in turn provides beautiful snapshots. It is also a very good place to find large green moray eels that like to hide in the wrecks. After about 15 minutes of swimming you will find the beginning of Car pile at about 15 meters / 50 feet and the deepest point at around 40 meters / 130 Feet. In short, something for everyone.
    $ 135 pp incl. Equipment
    minimum: 2 persons
    Lunch not included
    Duration 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
  • Diving: Pure Nature:
    Dive with us on our trip to the plantation of San Juan where you are literally both under and above water in the middle of nature. There are four beaches on the San Juan plantation. Playa Largu, Shon Mosa, Manzaliña and Boka Grandi. There are no facilities on any of the four beaches, making you literally feel far away from civilization. Because the beaches are in a bay, you have almost no steam and calm water. You walk very easily into the water and you swim close to the coast to the reef which gradually slopes. The reef is good for the beginner diver, but also for the advanced diver. Under water you will find all kinds of coral, mainly a lot of soft coral and plants. The underwater coral is still very pristine and good for young fish that like to stay there. The dive is all day in San Juan where we will dive on two of the four beaches. An absolute must if you want to see a different side of Curaçao.
    $ 135 pp incl. Equipment
    minimum: 2 persons
    Lunch not included
    Duration 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

3 tips to take to Playa Portomari

Tip 1: A snorkel mask is definitely a must at Playa Portomari:

Tip 2: Swimming shoes / water shoes for the coral in the water

Tip 3: A GoPro to take beautiful photos and videos underwater

Top 5 Hotels near Playa Portomari

There are no hotels directly at Playa Portomari, but there are plenty of hotels and nice villas that are located near Playa Portomari.

We have already made a list of the hotels and villas around Playa Portomari. From these hotels it is approx 9 minutes drive or 1 hour walk to Playa PortoMari

Photos of Playa Portomari

Prices of Snorkel and Dive Rentals and diving lessons on Playa Portomari Curacao

Dive CourseUSDANG
Bubble Maker86150
Refresh Day155271
Repeat DSD70123
Scuba Diver315551
Open Water Course450788
Open Water Refferal343600
Advanced Open Water Course420740
Night Dive Specialty215375
Lionfish Specialty149260
PPB Specialty185325
Nitrox no dive143250
Nitrox 1 dive171299
Deep Dive Specialty255447
Drift Specialty185325

Dive Equipment RentalUSDNAF
Mask & Snorkel915
Full Face mask1525
Snorkel set mask finnish1525
Complete Dive Set3460

Guided without Equipment4375

Guided Dive PackageUSDNAF
2 dives / 1 day130225
4 dives / 2 days240420
6 dives / 3 days350612,50
8 dives / 4 days450787

Contact details Dive Shop Playa Portomari:

Phone: +5999 864 7539
Opening hours: 7 days a week, 9:30 am - 6:00 pm
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