Playa Santa Cruz

Playa Santa Cruz Curacao

At Playa Santa Cruz you can find Captain Goodlife, already a household name on Curacao. It is about a 50 minute drive from Willemstad

Who is Captain Goodlife?

Capain Goodlife (June Obersion) owns Let's go Watersports and cook. He has a hut on the left side of the beach and, as he says himself, lives in one of the most beautiful places of Curacao which is his father's old holiday home. When his father passed away, he converted this holiday home into a paradise for tourists and local people where he shows what this area has to offer.

Where does Captain Goodlife take you?

With his water taxi, Captain Goodlife takes you to the most beautiful and special places on Curacao, where every place has wonderful stories. Below is an overview of some places you can go with Captain Goodlife.

  • The blue room, Boca Flute
  • Playa Pretu (Black Beach)
  • Lover's Beach
  • Mushroom Forest
  • The father's ship CaptainGoodlife

Blue room Curacao

At Playa Santa Cruz you can find the Blueroom, this is a cave under the water that glows blue in the sunlight. This cave is also called Mushroom Forest.

When you arrive at the water you have to swim under water for about 3 meters. It is best to do this with snorkels and flippers as otherwise you risk coming up earlier, where you can hit your head.

The blue light in the Blue Room is caused by the sunlight shining in the clear, blue water.

On foot: If you walk for about 25 minutes at the cabin of Captain Goodlife, you will come to this cave.
With the water taxi: You can also book a snorkeling trip at Captain Goodlife where you take you to this cave.

The Blue Room Curacao

Facilities at Playa Santa Cruz

  • There are food and beverage outlets at Playa Santa Cruz.
  • There are many activities by Let's Go Watersports
  • There are free parking facilities at Playa Santa Cruz
  • The entrance at Playa Santa Cruz is free

Information about Playa Santa Cruz

Playa Santa Cruz 1
Willemstad, Curacao
E-mail :
The telephone number is +5999 864 0438 

Location of Playa Santa Cruz

Hotels near Santa Cruz Beach

Shelterrock Paradise Rooms

Shelterrock Paradise rooms is approximately 6 minutes drive from Playa Santa Cruz. Shelterrock Paradise rooms are cozy and great apartments that have a wonderful restaurant. Especially the fish is recommended there.

They also have a special dish on the menu where they cook a dish in a coconut over the charcoal for hours. At 19:00 they take these coconuts off the fire and serve them to the customers.

Country house Klein Sint Martha

Landhuis Klein Sint Martha is about 11 minutes drive from Playa Santa Cruz and is a nice botique hotel

Rancho El Sobrino

Rancho El Sobrino is an 11-minute drive from Playa Santa Cruz. It is a beautiful hotel set in an old ranch and well worth booking.

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