Playa Santu Pretu

Playa Santu Pretu Curacao

Playa Santu Pretu is known for the black sand on the beach. You cannot get here by car either as there is no open road that goes to Playa Santu Pretu.

How do you get to Playa Santu Pretu?

Since there is no road to Playa Santu Pretu anymore, it is best to go to Playa Santa Cruz and park there.

When you arrive at Playa Santa Cruz, you can do 2 things:

  • You can book a tour with Captain Goodlife with a water taxi to Playa Santu Pretu
  • You can walk 25 minutes from Playa Santa Cruz (straight behind Captain Goodlife's cabin on the left side of the beach) and you will arrive at Playa Santu Pretu

What is there to do at Playa Santu Pretu?

There are no facilities at Playa Santu Pretu.

  • Playa Santu Pretu is beautiful to see because it is the only stand in Curacao that has black sand
  • You cannot lie comfortably at Playa Santu Pretu as the beach consists of slightly larger stones
  • It is absolutely not busy at Playa Santu Pretu where you often have a private beach.

So if you want facilities, you can use Playa Santa Cruz. There is a restaurant here, as well as activities such as diving and water sports.

Snorkeling at Playa Santu Pretu

However, you can snorkel and dive very nicely at Playa Santu Pretu. You will find different types of fish here and a reef in the middle of the water. It is the wreck of the 36 meter long Catherine. The Catherine is broken in two pieces and lies upside down at 6 meters, surrounded by colonies of garden eels. The wreck is nicely covered with brain corals and sponges. The name Black Sand Wreck is derived from the black bottom sand.

  • Tip: Do put on water shoes as there are many sea urchins

Location of Playa Santu Pretu

Playa Santu Pretu is a 25-minute walk from Playa Santa Cruz. You can get here by boat or on foot from Playa Santa Cruz.

Hotels near Playa Santu Pretu

There are no hotels at Playa Santu Pretu. There are hotels in the area, look at the hotels of Playa Santa Cruz

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