Travel insurance

Taking out travel insurance for Curacao is not mandatory, but certainly not a bad thing to do because of the low costs and the high benefits.

World coverage

For Curacao you need travel insurance with world coverage. If you already have travel insurance, make sure you have global coverage as European coverage is not valid in Curacao.

Baggage insurance

Airports and airlines process millions of suitcases per year, which means that it may be that a suitcase gets lost or even lost. With a luggage insurance policy you will immediately be reimbursed a certain amount to buy new clothes, if your suitcase is on its way to your destination for more than 48 hours.

So you can go straight to the store to buy new clothes and gear, and the travel insurance will refund this to you within 14 days.

Family travel insurance

It is of course possible to insure your entire family in one go. For this you choose a family travel insurance / family travel insurance. This is often cheaper, and you are all directly on a policy.

Annual or Short-term travel insurance

With short-term travel insurance you only insure the period of the trip itself. Note: We advise you to enter a number of extra days, if you have a delay, or if you decide to stay a little longer.

In general, annual travel insurance is much cheaper if you travel more than once a year. The travel insurance is also valid if you go to Belgium or Germany, for example, so be sure to include that as well.

Do you only travel once a year? Then a short-term travel insurance is fine. Do you go abroad more than once a year? Then be sure to take out continuous travel insurance.

Allianz Global Assistance

For the best Price / Quality travel insurance, we recommend Allianz Global Assistance.

  • Allianz always responds to your claim within 10 working days
  • Insured from 1.85 EUR per month
  • High compensation for damage
  • Report damage immediately online

Close one Allianz Global Assistance insurance easily via!

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