Santa Martha bay

Santa Martha Baai

Santa Martha Bay is one of the most beautiful, deserted beaches of Curacao. Here was previously a large resort 'Sunset Resort' located, but it is closed and they have even completely demolished this resort.

So this is a deserted beach, where there are no facilities and you still see abandoned buildings. Definitely worth seeing!

Facilities at Santa Martha Bay

  • There are no facilities at Santa Martha Bay
  • You can park on the beach itself. Do this as well, this can prevent your car from being broken into
  • You cannot rent beach beds at Santa Martha Bay
  • The entrance at Santa Martha bay is free

Location of Santa Martha Bay

Santa Martha Bay is located in the west point about 50 minutes drive from Willemstad.

Since it is a deserted beach, you have to find where it is. It is best to use Google Maps to get to Santa Martha Bay.

The beach at Santa Martha Bay

The sea at Santa Martha bay is very beautiful. Clear, unaffected blue water. Because hardly anyone comes here, this really looks like new.

The beach of Santa Martha bay is largely made up of dead coral instead of sand. So it is not very comfortable to lie down, but it is if you take an air mattress with you, for example.
Water shoes are also best to take with you, but not necessarily.

Once you are in the sea you can enjoy the clear blue water, where you can almost see the fish swimming below you. You can walk a long way into the sea, after which it suddenly becomes deep and you can swim.

Because this is almost a private beach for you, you can enjoy the view and the blue water on the sea.

Diving and Snorkeling at Santa Martha Bay

Diving and Snorkeling at Santa Martha Bay is definitely recommended, but you must bring your own materials.

You will find different types of fish underwater and many different coral.

Hotels near Santa Martha Bay

Because Santa Martha Bay is a deserted beach, there are no hotels directly at the beach. However, there are hotels nearby.

The Sea Glass House

The Sea Glass house is a 2 minute drive or 14 minute walk from Santa Martha Bay.

The Sea Glass House is a house of 167 m2 which you can rent for yourself all alone. Via the terrace you directly reach the sea of Santa Martha Bay via a staircase.

The Glass House Curacao Santa Martha Baai

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