Where can you find the cheapest airline tickets?

Of course we are happy to explain how and where to book the best and cheapest airline tickets.

Skiplegged is a booking system that specializes in finding the cheapest airline tickets.

At Skiplegged they calculate the route to your destination using a stop. For example:

You want to fly from Amsterdam to Dubai. You search for your ticket via Skiplegged.

Skiplegged finds a route from Amsterdam to Singapore, but with a stop in Dubai, which is cheaper than a direct flight to Dubai.

You book this trip, but you get off in Dubai and you don't take the plane to Singapore. ”

Using this method you can save considerably on your airline tickets, especially if you book a one-way flight.

Are you booking a return trip? Then Skiplegged can also do this, by using 2 separate tickets.

United Airlines has even sued Skiplegged, and Skiplegged has won. Click here to see the article.

Do you want to save considerably on your airline tickets and book the cheapest airline tickets? Go to the Skiplegged website via this link:

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