Prices in Curacao

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Curacao is generally not cheap. This is mainly because a lot has to be imported in Curacao, and especially with shelf life products that costs money.

Products that can be produced locally are therefore also lower in price.

Gasoline prices in Curacao

Petrol in Curacao is generally very cheap again.
Average gasoline prices in Curacao are approximately: Nafl. 1.84 = € 0.92 per liter. (2020)

Gas pumps generally generally accept cash, however an ATM machine is available at almost every service station.
If you are going to refuel in Curacao, you must first pay at the cash register before you can refuel.

Entrance fee of Beaches in Curacao

For many beaches you have to pay entrance in Curacao, and you also have to pay if you want to rent a beach bed or umbrella.

The beaches cost about Nafl. 5.00 = € 2.50 per person and children are cheaper. (Prices vary per beach)
You can rent beach beds for about Nafl. 7.50 = € 3.75 per beach bed. (prices vary per beach)

Prices of Restaurants in Curacao

As in the Netherlands, the prices of restaurants in Curacao also vary based on location and quality. In particular, you can assume that the restaurants are about the same price as the Netherlands, perhaps slightly more expensive.

Most restaurants do not charge a service tax (10%), but tips are always welcome from the servers.

Debit card in Curacao / ATM Transaction

In Curacao you have to pay for a pin transaction at an ATM machine. It varies by local bank and is approximately (USD) $5.00 per transaction.

So it is smart, if you want to pin money, to do a larger amount at once.

What does parking cost in Curacao

Parking is free in many places in Curacao such as beaches, restaurants and other local places, however parking fees are requested in the center of Willemstad.

Parking in Willemstad is not expensive, and is about Nafl. 1.00 per hour. (€ 0.50 per hour). Have you forgotten to pay for parking in Willemstad? Then you can risk a wheel clamp on your car.

To pay for parking in Willemstad, you must remember your parking space number and walk to the blue / yellow machine. You can easily enter your parking space number here and pay with cash or card.
Is there no blue machine or parking space number? Then you have a good chance that the area is free parking.

To have a wheel clamp removed in Curacao is not expensive, namely Nafl. 25.00 (€ 12.50)

Did you get a wheel clamp in Willemstad? Then you have to go to the 'Parking Authority Curacao' office on the first floor in the Klipstraat, Willemstad. Do not forget to remember the parking space number, and possibly your number plate.

Supermarkets in Curacao

Curacao has many Dutch supermarkets:

Van der Tweel supermarket (Albert Heijn)

Van der Tweel supermarket is the Albert Heijn in Curacao. You will find them a lot in curacao, and the quality of the products is top.
Albert Heijn in Curacao is mainly focused on tourism and the Dutch people in Curacao. You can even find poffertjes, pancakes, syrup, etc. here.

Vreugdenhil (Spar)

Curacao also has Vreugdenhil supermarket which is the Dutch Spar.

Vreugdenhil can also be found throughout Curacao, and is more focused on the local people.

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