Weather and climate in Curacao

How hot is it in Curacao?

Curacao generally has a tropical climate, which is of course wonderful compared to the climate of the Netherlands.

The tropical climate in Curacao means that it is warm every day, and that the average temperatures are always above 30 degrees every day. The sun almost always shines in Curacao, and they don't really know a rainy season.
Local showers in Curacao can occur.

June to October are the hottest months in Curacao, with an average temperature of 32 degrees. The least warm month is in January with 29 degrees, and the most precipitation in November with 110 millimeters.

  • Warmest months: June to October
  • Least rainfall and most hours of sunshine, so perfect beach weather: March
  • Highest average daily temperature: June to October
  • Lowest average daily temperature and coolest month: January
  • Most precipitation: November
  • Best travel time for a sun-drenched holiday: all months
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