Hospitals and Doctors

  • The medical care in Curacao is reasonable. In many hotels in Curacao a doctor or doctor can easily be called.
  • If there is an emergency outside the hotel, travelers can easily go to the hospital's emergency department.
  • There are 3 hospitals on Curacao, of which St. Elizabeth is best equipped.
  • It is always advised to take out good travel insurance, which also covers medical costs. Keep in mind that medical care must always be paid in cash.
  • In the event of hospitalization or if a medical specialist is involved, it is always wise to first contact your insurance company.



  • Most drugs are available at the local pharmacy without a prescription. However, it is always wise to bring the medicines yourself from the Netherlands.
  • Bring plenty of special medicines (in the original packaging) or ask the doctor for a prescription.

Medical statement

  • Travelers who bring special medicines prescribed by a specialist or doctor must always carry a medical certificate with them. In any case, this applies to medicines that fall under the Opium Act.
  • Request the statement in time.
  • For more information about medications and how to bring them, visit

Are vaccinations required for Curacao?

  • In principle, no vaccinations are required for Curacao, only if you come from a yellow fever area. Then you need a vaccination for Curacao.
  • For travelers who have visited a country or area with yellow fever before arriving in Curaçao, a vaccination certificate of at least 10 days old is required.
  • Children up to 6 months old are exempt

Is the tap water drinkable in Curacao?

  • Yes, the tap water in Curacao is drinkable like in the Netherlands.
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